Beautiful circular walls. Quick to put up, quick to move.

Divide your office quickly and easily with a JUUNOO partition wall. Installed in one day, just as quickly dismantled and ready for reuse. JUUNOO system walls can be reused as often as you like, making them sustainable, but not more expensive. Aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly put together with a range of finishes. 

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A JUUNOO wall can be installed 7 times faster than a traditional painted wall. This means you can arrange your office in one day, avoiding all the heavy construction work, dirt and dust.


Choose from a wide range of finishing materials. Fancy something new? Keep the body, change the skin. Replace the panels and create a new look for your space in no time.


A JUUNOO wall can be placed and repositioned countless times. Simply click the walls apart and rearrange your office. Good for the planet and your wallet.

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7x faster than a traditional partition wall 

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