Our second-most acousticly isolated wall

JUUNOO AcouClick-wall

Our AcouClick wall is an acoustically insulated partition that you can easily dismantle and reuse. The AcouClick panels are placed on our telescopic modules. You can choose between paintable panels or completely finished decor panels. 

  • Easy to (re)install
  • Suitable for securing heavy loads
  • Various finishing options
  • High scores for fire safety and stability
Technical info
  • Overall thickness: 120 mm / 4,7"
  • Modules: I75t, C75t
  • Cladding: AcouClick 20 mm / 0,7"
  • Insulation: Glass wool 50mm - 33kg/m³ - 2" -  2 lbs/ft³
  • Airborne sound insulation: 54(-5;-12) dB / 52 STC
Here's how it works

Thanks to the innovative click system, you easily place your AcouClick walls on our JUUNOO modules. You choose the finish yourself. Our walls are available in paintable and finished versions.

Outstanding performance

The AcouClick wall is a full-fledged interior wall suitable for fixing heavy loads. Thanks to the smart design, our walls score highly in terms of fire safety and stability.


You can easily dismantle and reuse our Acouclick walls in a different set-up.  

3D-foto opbouw probox


Fully reusable in other set-ups thanks to our extendable modules. 


Full-size inner wall suitable for securing heavy loads. 

Outstanding performance

Scores high in terms of fire safety, stability and acoustics.

Telescopic modules

Adjustable in both height (up to 5.5 metres) and width (up to 1 metre, depending on the module chosen).

JUUNOO Blue Tape

Fix the click panels with reusable JUUNOO Blue Tape, or with screws. 


Storage and transport are easy thanks to foldable modules and flat panels.


Easily install utility pipes between panels. Openings up to 40x40 mm.

Accessories and finishing touches

Finish with skirting boards, ceiling connections, end edges, etc.


Choose from glass doors and painted doors. 


Available as a finished decor panel or in paintable version.

Various finishing options

Would you like a timeless white wall? Or do you prefer an eye-catching print? Thanks to the endless finishing options, you can adapt your walls to your unique style!

JUUNOO Scheidingswanden
JUUNOO's wandsystemen zijn een statement piece in coworking spaces
mooie scheidingswanden met een moderne uitstraling
JUUNOO scheidingswanden

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Painting and wallpapering

Could your workplace use some colour? Then choose our paintable click panels or plasterboard panels. Our click panels are specially treated so you can paint and wallpaper them.

Stylish decor panels

Want that extra touch? Our décor click panels are made from 100% circular wood and will turn your space into a stylish place. With 137 decors, there is always one among them that fits perfectly.

The finishing touch

To complete your wall, you can choose from many stylish accessories. Do you opt for a timeless MDF skirting board or rather for sleek aluminium? That way, your JUUNOO wall fits in perfectly with the unique style of your office.

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