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      Sustainable solutions are no longer the expensive ones. On the contrary, going circular actually makes you money. Find out quickly why JUUNOO is the right solution for you. 

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      (Re)Divide your workplace sustainably. 

      JUUNOO scheidingswanden
      Partition walls
      Glass walls
      Stille ruimte - Akoestische werkplek
      Phone booths and meeting boxes
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      Clad walls or glass walls. Meeting rooms for 1 person or for 4 people. Together,
      we will find the perfect sustainable layout for your workplace. 

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      circulaire scheidingswanden met een moderne touch - juunoo
      Hotel Astoria
      Aesthetic, stylish and acoustic interior walls in Hotel Astoria.
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      cobras - probox voor architecten - juunoo
      Cobras Architecten
      Finished Proboxes for Cobras interior designers.
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      JUUNOO's glaswanden werden gebruikt voor meerdere kantoorruimtes van SkylinE40
      Beautiful and cleanly finished glass walls placed in the amazing SkylinE40 office building.
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partition walls. Installed and repositioned quickly

With JUUNOO partition walls you’re able to divide any space quickly and easily. A new workspace, conference room or secluded room can be set up in a day. Our partition walls are durable but not expensive. They are modular, you can use and reuse these walls multiple times. Your space, adapted to your needs, with a wide range of finishing options to match the esthetics of your room.

partition walls

Thanks to the innovative click system, you can set up your partition in no time at all. Thanks to our adjustable metal stud modules, you can install walls at any height or even under a sloping ceiling. What’s more, our walls are no less than 7 times faster to build than a traditional partition wall. Say goodbye to noise and dust. You’ll install the JUUNOO wall quickly and you can disassemble the wall without breaking or plastering. So you can create a new layout in your room or the office in 1,2,3. The frames are adjustable in height which means you can re-install your walls in a room with a different height. The walls can be fitted with doors or without doors. Contact us and find out how the JUUNOO wall system can transform your space!

JUUNOO Scheidingswanden

Technology and aesthetics as one

Our partition walls are not only installed really quickly, but can also be completely customized to your style. The partition panels can be supplied in any color. You can choose out of the various finishing options we have to offer. 

Acoustic partition walls

The partition walls of JUUNOO are flexible and adaptable. Noise reduction is done with our acoustic walls. Walls with a 12 mm or 18 mm thick chipboard provide an even higher acoustic performance and increased fire resistance. They are finished with click panels. Work in peace and don’t get disturbed by noise with our acoustic partition walls.

Sound proof acoustic walls
Glazen kantoorwanden JUUNOO - Befimmo

Glass partition walls

In addition to our decorative partition walls, we also offer glass partitions. A glass partition wall is the perfect solution for dividing up your space in a quick and functional manner. With a glass partition wall, you can quickly create light-filled rooms where you can work without losing contact with the world around you. 

Choosing JUUNOO partition walls is a smart choice


Installing a JUUNOO partition wall goes 7 times faster than installing a classic partition wall. A new office space is laid out in just one day. And you'll do it without the impact of noise and dust.


Choose from a wide range of finishing options. A new office design? No problem. Replace the decorative panels and give your office a new look in no time.


JUUNOO office partition walls can be placed and repositioned endlessly. Click the walls apart and rearrange your office. Good for the planet and your wallet.

Various office
wall systems

Decorative walls


Would you like to know the prices for office partition walls with or without door/windows? The JUUNOO system is durable which is not equivalent to being expensive. By the way, you can install these walls yourself or have it done by a professional. Would you like more information or would you like to receive a quotation for one of our flexible office partition solutions? Then click on the button below

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