• The best choice for our planet

      Sustainable solutions are no longer the expensive ones. On the contrary, going circular saves you money. Discover why JUUNOO is the right solution for you.

    • Sustainable solutions

      (Re)Divide your workplace sustainably. 

      JUUNOO scheidingswanden
      Partition walls
      Glass walls
      Stille ruimte - Akoestische werkplek
      Phone booths and meeting boxes
    • Cases

      Clad walls or glass walls. Meeting rooms for 1 person or for 4 people. Together,
      we will find the perfect sustainable layout for your workplace. 

      Discover our cases >>

      circulaire scheidingswanden met een moderne touch - juunoo
      Hotel Astoria
      Aesthetic, stylish and acoustic interior walls in Hotel Astoria.
      Discover the case
      cobras - probox voor architecten - juunoo
      Cobras Architecten
      Finished Proboxes for Cobras interior designers.
      Discover the case
      JUUNOO's glaswanden werden gebruikt voor meerdere kantoorruimtes van SkylinE40
      Beautiful and cleanly finished glass walls placed in the amazing SkylinE40 office building.
      Discover the case

Wing Partners

Discover a modern office solution with Wing Partners, our trusted US partner. With their innovative approach, they’re providing solutions to the ever-changing needs of the modern office.

When they were looking to showcase a new project to a Fortune 100 client in their own showroom, they reached out to us. The client was looking for customized office rooms with integrated whiteboards, offering flexibility and versatility for maximum productivity. And guess what? The client loved it and jumped on board!

Are you also looking to elevate your office space?

Client case Wing Partners - JUUNOO
Client case Wing Partners - JUUNOO
Client case Wing Partners - JUUNOO

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