JUUNOO is flexible

Would you like to create additional workplaces? Do you enjoy letting in some light? Or do you need a place where you can work or meet in total peace? A JUUNOO wall adapts to any situation, even after use. Thanks to our handy click system, you can dismantle and rebuild them in another place, even when the height of your building changes. Now that’s what we call flexibility.

Extendable modules

All of our modules are height adjustable up to 5.5 meters. The idea is simple: unclick the module, slide it to the desired height and click it back in again. All modules are also collapsible and compact, so you can easily store or transport them.

Compatible with existing walls

Our modules seamlessly join other support structures, such as wood or steel. This allows you to combine existing and new elements in your space easily.

Keep the body, change the skin

Our JUUNOO system consists of steel modules (or body) to which a final finish (or skin) is attached. Would you like a different finish? Then you can easily modify the panels.

Custom finishing

Choose from finished decor panels, paintable click panels, or reusable drywall. Do you prefer glass? No problem! With so many finishing options, you can fully customize your walls to fit your unique style.

Did you know...

… that our finishing panels are attached with reusable JUUNOO Blue Tape? That way, you won’t damage the wall and can easily detach the panel boards and place them elsewhere.

Plaatser JUUNOO

No more decision anxiety

With most wall systems, you often only get to choose once. If you want something different later, there’s usually nothing left but to tear down the wall and start over. With JUUNOO, you, fortunately, don’t have to choose. Thanks to our patented click system, you can easily disassemble the walls. Do you want a stylish black wall today and a natural wooden one tomorrow? No problem! Your professional disassembles the wall and installs your new finish in less than a day.

JUUNOO Scheidingswanden
Together with Standplus, we completely transformed Savic's showroom. Our acoustic walls were given a salmon-pink color and completed the look!
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