• The best choice for our planet

      Sustainable solutions are no longer the expensive ones. On the contrary, going circular saves you money. Discover why JUUNOO is the right solution for you.

    • Sustainable solutions

      (Re)Divide your workplace sustainably. 

      JUUNOO scheidingswanden
      Partition walls
      Glass walls
      Stille ruimte - Akoestische werkplek
      Phone booths and meeting boxes
    • Cases

      Clad walls or glass walls. Meeting rooms for 1 person or for 4 people. Together,
      we will find the perfect sustainable layout for your workplace. 

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      circulaire scheidingswanden met een moderne touch - juunoo
      Hotel Astoria
      Aesthetic, stylish and acoustic interior walls in Hotel Astoria.
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      cobras - probox voor architecten - juunoo
      Cobras Architecten
      Finished Proboxes for Cobras interior designers.
      Discover the case
      JUUNOO's glaswanden werden gebruikt voor meerdere kantoorruimtes van SkylinE40
      Beautiful and cleanly finished glass walls placed in the amazing SkylinE40 office building.
      Discover the case
JUUNOO team jobs

We are looking for people who want to create impact with their job

Our mission is to reinvent the construction world. Did you know that interior wall waste causes 1% of CO2 worldwide? The team behind JUUNOO has the will, strength and motivation to reduce this by 50%. Sustainable business is in our blood. Together with our great team we want and will achieve results. 

Ready to make an impact with your job?

JUUNOO intends to reinvent the construction world completely. Tough talk? We don’t think so. The waste from interior walls is responsible for as much as 1% of the total CO2 emissions worldwide. We’ve made it our mission to cut that in half. Bye-bye disposability, hello circularity! Our team is 100% committed to a sustainable construction world. Ready to change the world together?

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As a technical consultant, you are an indispensable link within our company. You work closely with the end customers and JUUNOO Masters.
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Software Developer

Ready to play a pivotal role in the development and maintenance of internal and external software tools?
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Finance Controller

We are in search of someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, a strong sense of ownership, and a commitment to swift execution.
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Teambuilding JUUNOO

Why choose to
work at JUUNOO?

Because you want to work in a company that you can be proud of. Because you want to turn up for work each day filled with enthusiasm. And because you want to be surrounded by like-minded people who are every bit as ambitious as you are. Check, check and check again? Then you’ve come to the right place. At JUUNOO, we promise a motivating workplace culture, an inspiring learning environment, and many other benefits. Scroll on to find out more!

We want to learn smart create impact get results build trust 

We want to learn smart  create impact get results build trust 

Learn smart

As 1 of the 8 billion people in the world, we possess only a fraction of the global knowledge. We accelerate growth by learning from those who have already done what we want to achieve or improve. That's why we get out of our comfort zone and find those experts. Fix meetings, listen, learn and outsmart those who want to go alone.

Create impact

Creating impact is what we pursue at JUUNOO every day. By 2030 we will make our sustainable business model the new global norm within the construction industry. Every day we build a lasting and positive impact. Doing so inspires others to take action with us, which creates tremendous leverage for our efforts.

Get things done

To create a real impact, we need to get things done. That’s why we commit to a plan and act fast without fear. Internal discussions are brief and to the point because the real action happens outside our offices. We work harder and smarter than our unsustainable competitors and always remember to celebrate our achievements.

Build trust

We react honestly and directly, even if we don't have all the answers. At JUUNOO, we proactively take responsibility for our actions. Doing what you have promised to do by the agreed date leads to mutual trust. This enables us to make faster and better decisions and ultimately increases the speed of JUUNOO.

Together we make the difference

We offer an inspiring, no-nonsense work environment that allows you to develop your talents and passions fully. At JUUNOO, we strive to get the best out of ourselves daily. We provide you with the necessary space to develop and learn.

We don’t try to win you over with French fries on Fridays, but we promise unlimited career opportunities. This is how we take you and our company to the next level!

Ready to take up the challenge and go all out with JUUNOO? We’d love to hear from you!

Why our colleagues enjoy working at JUUNOO?

We asked our JUUNOOtastic employees why they enjoy working at JUUNOO. Do you want to ask one of our team members about your future work environment? Feel free to contact them via LinkedIn

Curious about our application process?

Keen to work in a scale-up? This requires putting the right people in the right place, which is why we attach great importance to our application process.

1. Apply online
2. Teams interview with HR
3. Follow-up interview
4. Assignments and reference check
5. Interview with our CEO

Discover the career opportunities at JUUNOO

Student jobs & internships


We are always looking for high potentials. Feel like putting your theory into practice and challenging yourself?
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Spontaneous application

Didn’t immediately find a suitable vacancy, but you are enthusiastic about working towards a circular construction world? Feel free to apply spontaneously!

You can find us at Blokkestraat 51 in Zwevegem

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