This is working at JUUNOO

JUUNOO's mission:
reinvent the construction world

Did you know that 99% of the world’s walls end up in landfill? They are responsible for 6% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. To change this, we need to completely reinvent the construction industry. That is why JUUNOO focuses on circularity: we developed a reusable partition wall that at the end of its useful life will not be demolished, but dismantled and reused . We want to transform the construction world into a sustainable market where reuse is the norm. 

Keep on learning

99.99% of the smartest people in the world do not work at JUUNOO. So we like to get outside the company and learn. We don't expect you to hide your curiosity. We don't do that either. That's how we, and our products, keep innovating, day after day.


Given that 'making an impact' is not a buzzword but a daily mission for us, we want to achieve our ambitious goals time and time again. Because if we want to – quite literally – improve the world, we need to work on a large scale. And for that, we need to grow quarter after quarter. If you’ve got a can-do mentality, you've come to the right place.

Create impact

Our logo may be blue, but our heart is green. Working at JUUNOO is not only about being proud of our innovative product, it is being proud of the fact that you are helping to build a circular economy. So surely there’s no better place for job seekers who really want to make a difference, right?


Spontaneous application

Not immediately found a suitable vacancy, but eager to participate in a circular construction world? Feel free to apply spontaneously!

27 FEBRUARI 2021

Gratis offerte

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