• The best choice for our planet

      Sustainable solutions are no longer the expensive ones. On the contrary, going circular saves you money. Discover why JUUNOO is the right solution for you.

    • Sustainable solutions

      (Re)Divide your workplace sustainably. 

      JUUNOO scheidingswanden
      Partition walls
      Glass walls
      Stille ruimte - Akoestische werkplek
      Phone booths and meeting boxes
    • Cases

      Clad walls or glass walls. Meeting rooms for 1 person or for 4 people. Together,
      we will find the perfect sustainable layout for your workplace. 

      Discover our cases >>

      circulaire scheidingswanden met een moderne touch - juunoo
      Hotel Astoria
      Aesthetic, stylish and acoustic interior walls in Hotel Astoria.
      Discover the case
      cobras - probox voor architecten - juunoo
      Cobras Architecten
      Finished Proboxes for Cobras interior designers.
      Discover the case
      JUUNOO's glaswanden werden gebruikt voor meerdere kantoorruimtes van SkylinE40
      Beautiful and cleanly finished glass walls placed in the amazing SkylinE40 office building.
      Discover the case

Ready to become a JUUNOO Master?

Would you also like to complete more projects in less time? Would you like to get in touch with interesting clients from your region? And would you like to change the construction world together with JUUNOO? Then we are looking for you! As a JUUNOO Master, you will become an expert in installing circular walls. Our sustainable solutions are quickly installed, look good and are financially profitable. If that is not a win-win!

Why become a JUUNOO Master?

As a JUUNOO Master, you are part of an enthusiastic community. You will make interesting contacts, share experiences and set ambitious goals for the future together with the other JUUNOO Masters. 

Thanks to our extensive network, you will quickly come into contact with potential customers within your region. Because you install our walls 7 times faster than traditional walls, you carry out more projects in less time, with a bigger margin on the material. That means more profit for you.

As a member of our community, you also get access to useful tools and professional marketing material. Moreover, you will always be the first to know about new developments and innovations in the market.

Atelier Dufrêne was the first to take the plunge as JUUNOO Master

Lorenz Van Esche founded Atelier Dufrêne in 2015 out of his great passion for wood. A woodworker pur sang, he has made it his trademark to execute creative designs with meticulous precision. Four years after setting up his own business, he took his steps as the very first JUUNOO Master. In the meantime, he has already carried out many enduring projects.

Unrivalled construction speed

On average, a JUUNOO wall is there about 7x faster than a classic partition wall. So you can carry out more projects in less time. Installing is now done without dust and noise, so your customer can get straight back to work.

Aesthetic and acoustic

Our walls have excellent acoustics and meet all technical standards. With more than 190 finishes, the possibilities are endless. Need a little something extra? In addition to walls, JUUNOO also supplies doors, skirting boards, glass walls, insulation and more.

Endless reusability

JUUNOO partitions can be placed and repositioned endlessly, even in new projects. Can't use the walls or modules efficiently for a while? Thanks to our cashback guarantee, we are happy to buy them back from you. So you enjoy an extra financial advantage!

Sectorally recognized training center

JUUNOO is recognised by Constructiv as an official training centre in the construction sector. Thanks to this recognition, construction companies can claim sectoral financial intervention when their employees attend the JUUNOO Masterclass. 

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Sign up for our JUUNOO Masterclass

During our interactive Masterclass, you will learn more about our company, what we do and what we can do for you. What products do we have in our range? How do you present them to a customer? How do you build a JUUNOO wall? And what support can you expect from us? Depending on your preference, in the afternoon you can opt for a hands-on training with specific examples from the field or for our interesting sales training, where you also get to know our sales team. On the basis of this Masterclass, you will become a fully-fledged JUUNOO Master. 

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