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Looking for a quiet space to host meetings, make uninterrupted calls or work without distraction? The JUUNOO Probox is a soundproofed meeting room that enables you to optimally enhance your productivity and concentration, whether you’re making calls, holding meetings, working or meditating. The Probox is assembled in just 1 day, without dust, noise or damage to your existing space. Our modular meeting box is sustainable, reusable and can be customised to your personal needs.. JUUNOO enables you to create a (temporary) focus space in no time.

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Customised meeting box

Beneath the JUUNOO Probox’s slick exterior, lies an impressive amount of flexibility. Our acoustic meeting box can be installed in just 1 day. Prefer a different location? The Probox can be quickly dismantled and reassembled in a new location. You can also transform the Probox into a JUUNOO partition wall.

You can re-use the Probox as often as you like, making it sustainable yet inexpensive. Probox is a one-time purchase; you can endlessly vary its usage or location.

Following installation, you can customise your Probox according to your personal requirements. Want colourful, highly adorned walls? Or prefer a simple glass box? The choice is yours.

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Probox Duo

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Probox Quatro

juunoo Probox

Customised Probox

Quick to install, quick to move

Duurzame akoestische box

Choosing JUUNOO Probox
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A JUUNOO wall can be installed 7 times faster than a traditional painted wall. This means you can arrange your office in one day, avoiding all the heavy construction work, dirt and dust.


Choose what your acoustic workstation looks like. Our walls are endlessly adaptable with a wide range of finishing materials. So you can give the Probox a new look and feel in no time!


You can move the JUUNOO Probox as much as you like because the walls are very easy to assemble and disassemble. No need for a box? The Probox can also be transformed into a partition wall to divide up your office.

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