Meeting boxes
and phone booths

We create fullly customizable phone booths and meeting boxes.
With sustainable materials. Designed with circular economy in mind.

Looking for a place where you can have focused meetings or phone calls? Need a space where you can work undisturbed? The JUUNOO Probox is an acoustically insulated meeting room where you can optimally increase your productivity and concentration, whether for calling, working, meeting, or meditating.
Discover our phone booths and meeting boxes in different sizes


Perfect for 1 person.

Offer a private workspace solution with the compact Probox Mini. Perfect for 1 person.

Starting from $5995


For 1 person, but more spacious than the Probox Mini.

If you’re looking for a more spacious solution for 1 person, the Probox Uno is the perfect fit.

Starting from $7780


Perfect for 2 people.

Create a private, collaborative workspace with the spacious Probox phone booth for 2. 

Starting from $8780


Perfect for 4 people.

Perfect for larger meetings, this meeting box can accommodate up to 4 people.

Starting from $16720


Completely customizable to your needs.

Why settle for ordinary meetings when you can have extraordinary ones with our custom Probox? 


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Phonebooths for 1 person

We offer two different Probox phone booths for one person. The compact Probox Mini is perfect for solo work, phone calls, and virtual meetings, offering a peaceful and private space in even the busiest of offices. 

For those who require more space, the more spacious Probox Uno is the solution. Ideal for solo work, it offers plenty of room for employees to spread out and stay focused. 

Starting from $5995

Meeting boxes for 2 people

A meeting box can be a valuable addition to your office space, offering a private, focused space for two people to conduct confidential meetings, brainstorm, or simply have a one-on-one chat.

Designed to be compact and space-efficient, these boxes are made from eco-friendly materials, which helps to minimize your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener environment.

Starting from $11495

Meeting boxes for 4 people

A meeting box designed for four people can be a great addition to any office space, providing a private and comfortable space for team meetings, presentations, or group discussions. With its spacious design, it offers enough room for everyone to sit comfortably, with plenty of space for notes and materials.

Constructed with high-quality materials, such as sound-absorbent foam and sustainable wood paneling, this meeting box provides a quiet and distraction-free environment.

Starting from $16495

Custom meeting boxes

With its modular design, these meeting boxes can be tailored to your specific needs, making it easy to create a space that perfectly fits your requirements.

From the size and layout of the interior to the materials used for the walls and floor, almost every aspect of the meeting box can be customized to meet your specific needs.

You can choose from a range of colors and finishes to create a space that perfectly matches your brand or office decor, while the use of sustainable materials, helps to minimize your environmental impact.

Award-winning sustainable and circular design

Our solutions have received a great deal of international attention in recent years. These recognitions and awards are an essential part of our business.

Cradle to cradle certified silver
Vlaanderen circulair JUUNOO

Let our clients
inspire you

Wondering about options for your office space? Still hesitating between our endless finishing options? These customers have already gone before you.

Vergaderbox JUUNOO
Strategies and leaders
In just one day, Strategies and Leaders' open workspace was complemented by a personal call box tailored to their premises. The Probox allows employees to work quietly and intently or meet online.
Discover the project
Beacon proboxen geïntegreerd in een kantoorruimte
The Beacon
Thanks to our Proboxes at The Beacon in Antwerp, employees can now work and call with concentration.
één persoon is aan het werk in een Beacon Probox
Meerdere proboxen JUUNOO in kantoorruimte
Modulaire vergaderruimte - JUUNOO - akoestische probox
Scheidingswand houten latten bij JUUNOO
Modulaire vergaderruimte - JUUNOO - duurzame scheidingswand in hout
At Renson, they were looking for a solution for concentrated work within their open office space. The Probox was installed in one day and completely personalized to Renson's style.

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