JUUNOO is reusable

A JUUNOO wall can be placed and replaced endlessly. That’s not only sustainable, but it also enables your space to evolve with your changing needs. After all, what you choose today ideally stays in the cycle for as long as possible. Our system can be completely dismantled after use without damaging the walls or the building and with minimal waste.

Handy click system

We specifically designed the click system so that you only need one professional to install your partitions. Our walls click together so quickly that you don't need a specialist. That way, you also save on installation costs.

Reusable panels and accessories

All our finishing panels are attached with reusable JUUNOO Blue Tape. This way, you won't damage the wall and can easily detach the panels after use. Skirting boards loosen thanks to our removable JUUNOO Glue easily. 

Extendable modules

All of our modules are height adjustable up to 5.5 meters. The idea is simple: unclick the module, slide it to the desired height and click it back in again. All modules are also collapsible and compact, so you can easily store or transport them.

Compact folding

Don't need your walls for a while, but would you like to use them again later? No problem. Thanks to the convenient folding system, they hardly take up any space. That way, you can easily store and transport them.  

Did you know...

… you can reuse JUUNOO walls up to 30 times without losing their strength?

Plaatser JUUNOO

Keep the body, change the skin

Our JUUNOO system consists of steel modules (or body) to which a final finish (or skin) is attached. All our modules are height-adjustable up to 5.5 meters. That way, you have no cutting or material loss, even if you want to reuse the modules in your next project. Are you exchanging that mansion with high ceilings for a newly built office with low ceilings? Then simply adapt the modules.

After installing the body, you can choose from various skins and accessories to finish your wall. Choose from finished decor panels, paintable click panels, or reusable plasterboard. Prefer glass? You can! Thanks to the intelligent design, all our walls score very high regarding fire safety, stability, and acoustics. Finish your wall with a nice skirting board or a stylish corner finish for the finishing touch.

Conix RDBM Architects & JUUNOO
Conix RDBM Architects
When architectural firm CONIX RDBM Architects moved to a new location in Antwerp, there was only one condition: everything had to be circular and sustainable. CONIX RDBM Architects chose (used) JUUNOO walls to divide the office.
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Conix RDBM Architects & JUUNOO
Conix RDBM Architects & JUUNOO

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