JUUNOO saves you time

Our JUUNOO walls can be installed as much as 7 times faster than a traditional partition wall. Thanks to our innovative and patented system, our walls click together at top speed. And anything that clicks together quickly can also be disassembled quickly. This allows you to use the walls in a different location later.

Extendable modules

All of our modules are height adjustable up to 5.5 meters. The idea is simple: unclick the module, slide it to the desired height and click it back in again. All modules are also collapsible and compact, so you can easily store or transport them.

Handy click system

We specifically designed the click system so that you only need one professional to install your partitions. Our walls click together so quickly that you don't need a specialist. That way, you also save on installation costs.

Without screws

You attach your painting or decor panels to our modules without screws. This is because all of our modules are equipped with JUUNOO Blue Tape (our self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape), allowing you to place our panels very quickly.


Are you moving out, or would you like a new layout? Our JUUNOO walls can be easily disassembled and reused, even if the height of your space changes. That way, you don't have to wait for a new order but can get started immediately with your existing walls.  

Did you know...

…you only need one professional to install our walls? That way you save on installation costs as well.

The perfect match

Would you like to preserve the original architectural features of your building? As our modules fit seamlessly with other support structures, such as wood or steel, you can easily combine existing and new elements in your space. By the way, did you know that we provide 40×40 mm openings in all our modules? This allows you to easily pull cables in from a technical floor or false ceiling. 

Geluid dempen op kantoor met de akoestische wanden van JUUNOO
Hotel Astoria
At Hotel Astoria, construction speed and a high level of completion were a priority. Three floors of walls were installed in less than a week, allowing the hotel to open its doors just in time.
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mooie scheidingswanden met een moderne uitstraling

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