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partition wall

Divide your office quickly and easily with a JUUNOO partition wall. Installed in one day, just as quickly dismantled and ready to be reused. 

JUUNOO walls click together seamlessly. The modules are adjustable in terms of height and length, making them suitable for any type of space. Would you like to finish them with one of our decorative panels, or perhaps with a customised finish? The choice is yours! 

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Do you want to increase productivity in the office without undergoing major building works? JUUNOO system walls can be transformed into the Probox in a jiffy. Stylish and seamlessly finished. Easy to install and move. One day’s work and no dust involved.  

No longer need an enclosed workspace? The walls of the Probox can also be used as partition walls, so the layout of your office can evolve together with your company. 

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glass walls

A JUUNOO glass wall will introduce extra light and openness to an office, without the need to compromise on privacy or acoustics. 

Quality finish, no need for silicone. Easy to dismantle when you want to rearrange your workspace. 

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Curious about the endless possibilities that JUUNOO system walls offer? We are happy to inspire you. 

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