The story behind JUUNOO

At JUUNOO, we have only one goal: to completely reinvent the construction world. Tough talk? We don’t think so. After all, the way we build (and especially rebuild) today causes as much as 40% of global CO2 emissions. That’s a pretty significant number. Therefore we have made it our mission to drastically reduce that. From disposable to reusable, from linear to circular. Together, and preferably as quickly as possible.

"Dad, you knew about it. What did you do about it?"
In 2016, Chris Van de Voorde decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. He wanted to give his children a better world than the one he lives in today. "When you look at the climate crisis, you can do two things. Either shrug your shoulders or do something about it. I started JUUNOO so I won't have to tell my children one day that I didn't do anything. I want to look them straight in the eye when they ask me about the climate crisis and what I did about it."
JUUNOO walls wanden
From disposable to circular
Chris decided to combine his passion for walls and his experience as an engineer to create a circular solution. What if we stopped throwing away interior walls and instead designed a system that could be reused endlessly? After all, interior walls are responsible for 1% of total CO2 emissions. A lot of prototypes were tried and tested until there was one that met all the requirements: reusable, quick to install, and aesthetic. And the best part? It was sustainable and would also make customers money.
JUUNOO walls wanden
Circular economy JUUNOO
Buyback guarantee
Most people don't like change. And that's not surprising. Because if it works, it works (even though we often forget how harmful it is to the climate). That's why we went one step further and became the first manufacturer to introduce a buyback guarantee. To prevent our walls from ending up in the landfill, we buy back any walls that are no longer being used. That way, we can be sure they will get a second (or third, fourth, ...) life.
Circular economy JUUNOO
Spread the word
Realizing that we cannot change the construction world alone, we include circularity in every step of our story. Whether it's suppliers, investors, or installers, we only work together when they, too, believe in change. Because the more we share our story, the more quickly circularity can become the norm. Our (international) recognitions already confirm this.

Did you know...

… JUUNOO is named after the two children of our CEO Chris: Juul and Noor? They are the greatest motivation for him to make it happen every day. 

Our CEO Chris’ vision of circular economy

Allereerste circulaire gebouw België Kamp C
't Centrum (Kamp C)
You will find the first circular building in Belgium at Kamp C. This building integrates as many pillars of circular construction as possible. They opted for our circular JUUNOO walls as their interior walls. It was also the first project in which the JUUNOO x Gyproc walls were used.
Discover the circular building
JUUNOO glazen wand en scheidingswand
Opbouw JUUNOO circulaire wanden

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