The wall that pays off

Here at JUUNOO, we like to talk about the wall that pays off, or better, the wall that brings you money. Because, unlike traditional walls, that’s precisely what our JUUNOO walls do. How? Very simple: you either reuse your walls multiple times or sell them back to us after use. Therefore, the idea that sustainability is more expensive is truly outdated. On the contrary, opting for a circular solution actually makes you money!

Our walls bring you money (yes, for real!)

A JUUNOO wall only needs to be purchased once. Thanks to our handy click system, you can easily disassemble it and reassemble it in another place, even if the height of your building changes. We also offer a buyback guarantee to prevent our modules from ending up in the dumpster. Can’t use your walls anymore? Then we will gladly repurchase them from you! This way they, immediately get a new life.

Did you know...

…you can reuse JUUNOO walls up to 30 times without them losing rigidity?

It's time for the circular shift!

Did you know that as much as 300 billion euros worth of walls is thrown away annually? This is not only a massive waste of money and resources but also extremely harmful to the climate. It’s high time to take action together.

That is why we have made it our mission to reinvent the construction industry completely. Every product on the market today must be developed with a focus on return and reuse. In other words, it must be circular.

Did you know...

…the steel in our modules consists of at least 40% recycled materials, and our decorative panels are made of more than 85% recycled wood?

Allereerste circulaire gebouw België Kamp C
't Centrum (Kamp C)
At Kamp, C sits the very first circular building in Belgium. This building integrates as many pillars of circular construction as possible. For their interior walls, they chose our circular JUUNOO walls. It was also the first project in which the JUUNOO x Gyproc walls were used.
Discover the circular building
JUUNOO glazen wand en scheidingswand
Opbouw JUUNOO circulaire wanden

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