Design your space with JUUNOO Voltage

JUUNOO Voltage is a free design tool to create stunning designs and floor plans. Upload your design or start from scratch with our intuitive designer tool. Compare wall solutions, get indicative prices, and speed up your workflow starting today.

Get indicative pricing

Thanks to our integrated calculator, you get a clear indication of how much your project will cost. That way, you can always keep an eye on your budget.

Compare possibilities

Not quite sure what wall type you need in your space? With JUUNOO Voltage you can quickly compare our wall solutions and select the type that fits your needs.

Speed up your workflow

With our intuitive tool, you can create a new design in just minutes. Ready? Submit it to one of our specialists, and we will take care of your project. It’s that simple.

How to use
JUUNOO Voltage?

1. Upload your floorplan or start from scratch

Already have an existing floor plan? Just upload your plan and get started. If not, you can start from scratch.

2. Select your
ceiling height

Before you get started, enter your space’s exact ceiling height. That way, we’ll know how high your walls need to be.

3. Draw your
existing walls

If you start from scratch, you’ll first need to create your existing space by drawing the outside walls.   

4. Draw your
JUUNOO walls

It’s time to design your space. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a wide variety of solid, glass, or gypsum walls.  

5. Save your design
on JUUNOO Voltage

By saving your design, you can adjust it later, create multiple designs, and send your projects to our team of specialists.

6. Get a final quote
from our team

In JUUNOO Voltage, you instantly get a clear price indication. After submitting your design to our team, you will receive a final quote.

Ready to design your workspace?

We get it, using a new tool can be challenging. That’s why we created a short tutorial video. It walks you through Voltage so you can start designing in no time.

Discover how JUUNOO Voltage can speed up your workflow drastically.