JUUNOO’s mission:
reinvent the construction world

From disposable to circular products

Did you know that 99% of the world’s walls end up in landfill? They are responsible for 6% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. That is the same as the amount of emissions produced by all air and shipping traffic combined. In a world where we face global warming, finite resources and endless mountains of waste, we need to totally reinvent the construction market. That is why it’s crucial that the products we put on the market are circular – designed for recovery and reuse.  

That is exactly what JUUNOO does. We have developed a reusable partition wall that at the end of its useful life will not be demolished, but dismantled and reused. We want to change the construction world into a sustainable market where reusability is the norm. 

“I never want my kids to say to me: Dad, you knew all this was happening. What did you do about it?”

If you look at the climate crisis, you can do one of two things. You can either shrug your shoulders, or you can do something about it. I started JUUNOO so I won’t ever have to tell my children that I didn’t do anything about it.  

That’s why my company is called JUUNOO: it’s named after my two children, Juul and Noor. It’s a daily reminder of why we are doing all this” – Chris Van de Voorde, Founder & CEO

The wall
that pays off

Convincing people to work sustainably is challenging. Sustainable is often associated with expensive. At JUUNOO we want to prove that wrong, because a JUUNOO wall is no more expensive than a traditional wall. A JUUNOO wall is a one-time purchase: the more often you use the wall, the cheaper it gets. On top of that, you save on installation costs without compromising on quality, acoustics and aesthetics. 

 What’s more, if your JUUNOO partition walls are no longer needed, we would be happy to buy them back from you with our buy-back guarantee. The quick installation process means you can save on installation costs and minimise revenue loss, because your office can be rearranged in one day. 

Choose smart,
choose JUUNOO


A JUUNOO wall is installed 7 times faster than a traditional gypsum wall. This means you can arrange your office in one day, avoiding heavy construction work, dirt and dust.


Choose from a wide range of finishing materials. Fancy something new? Keep the body, change the skin. Replace the panels and create a new look for your space in no time.


A JUUNOO wall can be installed and repositioned countless times. Simply click the walls apart and rearrange your office. Good for the planet and your wallet.

At JUUNOO, we are doing everything we can to introduce a 100% circular system to the market. That is why our system walls are designed to be assembled and disassembled several times without any loss of quality.  

To prevent our modules from ultimately ending up in landfill, we offer a buy-back guarantee, which gives you a financial advantage if you sell them back to us.  

Are you no longer able to use your JUUNOO walls efficiently? We’d be happy to buy them back from you! 

100% circular system with JUUNOO buy-back guarantee

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